Custom Development

Your company is unique Ė thatís why your customers chose you. Using generic software for the unique way that you do business just doesnít cut it. Aps#! Technology can create software thatís customized to how you do business, and make you even more unique and valuable in your industry. Web Applications

The web is the ultimate tool for communication and transaction processing. Aps#! Technology can help you use this tool to increase your companyís efficiency and responsiveness to your customerís needs. In a mixed environment, the web allows a vendor-neutral platform for business applications. Let Aps#! Technology discuss with you how you can use the web to make your businesses more efficient and more profitable.

Examples of web applications include: E-commerce applications Reseller collaboration applications Online customer service applications Enterprise Applications

As companies get larger, managing data becomes a more and more complex issue. Data starts out being stored on spreadsheets, but as the data grows in size and complexity, those spreadsheets are no longer useful. As more and more users start using and adding to that data, you find that you need a better way to manage your information. Aps#! Technology can examine your data and how it is being used, and use that information to develop applications to keep the data sane, organized, and accessible to all users.