Case Studies

E-Commerce for the Back Room

Problem: Backroom Equipment is a reseller of equipment for the restaraunt industry. They were wanting to take their business online, but found that the existing e-commerce applications did not fit their industry. They needed the ability to place huge volumes of products on their website, each with slightly varying configurations. They needed it to be easy to browse and not overwhelm the user. Solution: We designed a system that takes the best parts of the online buying experience and catalog sales and combines them into an e-commerce site that is easy to navigate, and contains their product line. This web site is set to launch in September of 2003. Customized E-Commerce for Leene@Home Problem: Leene@Home is a reseller for GoFit products that wanted to take their selling online. They needed a customized e-commerce system to handle their workflow. In addition, they didn’t want to look like every other e-commerce site out there. It had to be distinctive and carry their brand well. Solution: Because we are part of New Media Worx, we have the full creative services of Up Creative at our disposal. The combination of technical and creative services allowed us to put together an e-commerce application that Was delivered on-time and on-budget Has a distinctive look and feel Encourages customer retention Enables the web site to work perfectly with their workflow and order cycles Built to for future growth beyond simple product-based selling Included complete documentation, end-user training, and ongoing support ECoupons to your Inbox – Direct Drop Problem: New Media Worx, the parent company of Aps#! Technology, saw a need for ecoupons to be delivered directly to people’s inboxes. Current ecoupon initiatives required the user to remember to access the site and search for the coupons they wanted. New Media Worx had a better idea – deliver the exact coupons the users want directly to their inbox. Solution: Aps#! Technology built a system which takes user preferences and custom-creates for each subscriber an email containing only the coupons from categories they requested. Also, they created a scheduling application which allows the sales force direct access to the ecoupon system, where they can create barcoded coupons automatically. Using this application, they can schedule which coupons will run on which week, making it easy for the coupons to stay fresh and new. It also has a built-in account information system which lets them easily keep track of full and partial payments. To see Direct Drop in action, go to Customized Publishing Workflow for tgMinistries Problem: tgMinistries is a new Christian publisher with a problem. They need to publish many items both online and in print. In addition, they wanted both the print and online editions to take full advantage of their mediums. Therefore, they couldn’t just stick PDFs of their materials on their web page. Exporting documents from word processors required too much cleanup and postprocessing – it needed to be automated from the start. Solution: Aps#! Technology came through with an XML-based publishing system. Document authors would build their materials using an XML editor, and then use the custom tools we created to produce both online and print editions. This also allowed us to automate the generation of large-print editions and compilation books as well. With our flexible architecture, the writers did not have to concern themselves with the layout of their document – only the content. The publishing system add the title pages, table of contents, and automatically formats the document into tgMinistries’ style. The print content comes out ready to go to the printer, and the online content comes out fully standards-compliant, ready to go on the website. Problem solved! Desktop Application for Problem: needed an application. Their website – an internet yellow pages for the city of Tulsa – was already a success. However, their customers wanted access both online and offline. They needed a desktop application which mirrored the functionality of their website. Solution: Aps#! Technology delivered. The tulsaEpages directory is now available both online and offline. The offline application also includes a feature designed by Aps#! Technology that allows it to be updated over the web, so users always have access to the latest phone numbers and yellow page advertisements. Kiosk Systems for Mental Health Problem: Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital was needing a way to help their doctors quickly assess their patient’s change in status from one visit to the next. They developed a series of questions to ask their patients to help them assess their status. However, the questionairre was hard to fill out, and then it took considerable time and effort to input the data and calculate the results. This made it difficult to use in treatment, because the results took longer to analyze than the visit lasted. Solution: Aps#! Technology developed a system for them which allows the patients to fill out the forms on a friendly computer kiosk. The results are immediately tabulated, with the scores printed out for the doctor along with a graph of their score history. This puts no extra burden on the staff, and helps the doctor deliver effective patient care.